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Spokane Web Design

Stunning Websites that Drive Conversions


Percentage of customers who visited a store due to an online experience

Spokane Web Design Done Right

When it comes to Spokane web design we mean business. We understand that having a great looking website is more important than ever with over 90% of all buying decisions starting online. This is the opportunity for your business to make a great first impression with potential customers. Having a slow, sloppy, confusing website is a surefire way to lose out on potential sales and damage hard earned brand equity.

Even more important than having a great looking website is having one that produces revenue for your company. With years of experience we have developed strategies that will improve user experience, yield higher conversion rates, and put money back in your pocket. We have also mastered building your sites to leverage search engine algorithms that will give you a massive head start on SEO and SEM.

Digalitics Office used for Spokane Web Design

Great web design is just the beginning

Digalitics builds websites that produce results. We want to see your business grow through our work, and we are relentless in achieving that goal. Our Spokane web designed process uses the latest in technology and industry trends to deliver high performance.

Another key component of a good website is optimizations for future marketing. Consider your website as a car, you can have the best-looking car in the world but without any fuel, you won’t get far. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media, and Display Advertising act as that fuel driving high value traffic to your site, getting you to where you need to be. (In front of potential customers) Setting up your website right from the beginning to make the most out of these digital marketing channels can save you a ton of time and money down the road.

All of our web builds follow google best practices to help your site gain the momentum it needs to accomplish your business goals. They are built to be responsive, mobile friendly and drive conversions. From local service businesses, to eCommerce giants Digalitics has the ability to deliver your business amazing results.


Website Design Pricing

Similar to cars there is a wide range of prices when it comes to website design. Sure, you could buy a car for $1,000 but you can also buy a car for $500,000. The difference in quality, features, and functionality are enormous. This same thinking applies to the price of a website. Sure, you can buy one that’s cheap but will it get you the results your looking for? Digalitics will work you to build a great looking, functional site in almost any price range. We also have custom website packages available for you to choose from. Whatever your Spokane Web Design needs we have you covered.



Domain Name

One Year Hosting

One Year SSL

Web Design up to 3 Pages

Site Submitted to Major Search Engines


SEO Jump Start


Domain Name

Two Years Hosting

One Year SSL

Google Analytics

Meta Discriptions

Site Map

Web design up to 5 Pages

1,500 Words of SEO Content

On page SEO – 1 Focus Keyword/Page


Top Notch


Domain Name

Three Years Hosting

Two Years SSL

Submitted to Major Search Engines

Google Analytics

Meta Discriptions

Site Map

Web Design up to 10 Pages

300-500 Words of Copy/Page

On Page SEO – 3 Focus Keywords/Page


Choose your own adventure


From small sites to big our team can handle almost any situation.

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